Houses at Shibam

Photographer: Wilfred Patrick Thesiger
Date of Photo: November 9-20, 1947
Continent: Asia
Geographical Area: Western Asia (Middle East and Near East)
Country: Yemen
Region/Place: Hadhramawt Governorate [Muḩāfaz̧at Ḩaḑramawt]; Wadi Hadhramawt [Wādī Ḩaḑramawt]; Shibam
Cultural Group: Arab
Format: Film Negative 35mm
Size: 35 mm
Acquisition: Wilfred Patrick Thesiger - Accepted as Art in Lieu of Inheritance Tax by H.M. Government and allocated to the Pitt Rivers Museum, March 2004


View of a camel caravan arriving at the city of Shibam. In the foreground line of camels are lead past the city walls. Tall buildings are built close together behind the city walls.

Publications history

Contemporary Publication - This image has been published in W. Thesiger, 'A Further Journey Across the Empty Quarter', Geographical Journal, 113 (1949), plate 2 [facing p.23]: 'Shibam in Hadhramaut'. [PG 7/7/2008]