Photographer: Wilfred Patrick Thesiger
Date of Photo: November 20 - December 3, 1947
Continent: Asia
Geographical Area: Western Asia (Middle East and Near East)
Country: Yemen
Region/Place: Hadhramawt Governorate [Muḩāfaz̧at Ḩaḑramawt]; Raydat as Say‘ar [Raydat aş Şay‘ar]; Manwakh
Cultural Group: Bedouin Sa‘ar
Format: Film Negative 35mm
Size: 35 mm
Acquisition: Wilfred Patrick Thesiger - Accepted as Art in Lieu of Inheritance Tax by H.M. Government and allocated to the Pitt Rivers Museum, March 2004


View of two Sa'ar Bedouin men, a woman and a young boy at Manwakh well. They young boy stands in the foreground, leaning against a wooden frame over the well. Behind him the men and woman are using rope and a wooden pulley to haul water out of the stone lined well. In the background men wait with camels near the well.

Research Notes

Research Notes - These images have been identified as Manwakh well based on the similarity of the features of this well and the surrounding landscape to known images of Manwakh well. [AK 12/07/2011]