Photographer: Wilfred Patrick Thesiger
Date of Photo: November 20 - December 3, 1947
Continent: Asia
Geographical Area: Western Asia (Middle East and Near East)
Country: Yemen
Region/Place: Hadhramawt Governorate [Muḩāfaz̧at Ḩaḑramawt]; Raydat as Say‘ar [Raydat aş Şay‘ar]
Cultural Group: Bedouin Sa‘ar
Format: Film Negative 35mm
Size: 35 mm
Acquisition: Wilfred Patrick Thesiger - Accepted as Art in Lieu of Inheritance Tax by H.M. Government and allocated to the Pitt Rivers Museum, March 2004


Profile portrait of a man of the Sa‘ar Bedouin sitting in front of a cave in the Raydat as Say'ar.

Publications history

Publication - This image has been published in The Thesiger Collection: A Catalogue of Unique Photographs by Wilfred Thesiger (Dubai, 1991), p.15: 'Man from Sa'ar.' [PG 21/10/2008]