'Modern houses at Noatau'

Photographer: George Smith
Date of Photo: 18 April - 7 December 1873
Continent: Oceania
Geographical Area: Melanesia
Country: Fiji
Region/Place: Rotuma; Noa'tau
Format: Stereo Card
Size: 77 x 80 mm (left); 78 x 81 (right)
Acquisition: Edith Lucy Wake Wood - Donated 1921


View of a whitewashed house at Noa'tau on the island of Rotuma, surrounded by coconut palm trees, captioned 'Modern Houses at Noatau, Rotumah' (printed caption). A handwritten annotation on the reverse of the mount, 'My House/ 1869', suggests that Charles Wood either built or, more likely, stayed in this house on an earlier visit to the island.

Primary documentation

Notes on mount typed - 'Modern Houses at Noatau, Rotumah' [CM 14/04/2011]
Notes on mount reverse ms pencil - 'My House/ 1869' [CM 14/04/2011]

23 of the 148 stereo photographs from the Wood collection will match [1901.24.37 - 1901.24.59] :
Accession Book III 39 Entry - ‘C.F. WOOD Esq. 4 Terlingham Gardens, Folkestone. July. Specimens collected by himself during a yachting cruise in the S. Pacific in 1873 viz.:... 23 photographs (stereoscopic) of natives and scenes in the Caroline Ids, Solomons, Ellice Ids. [Tuvalu], Rotuma [Fiji], Futuna [Vanuatu]’
The remainder will match [1921.93.]
Accession Book Wood II 1 - 175 Entry - Wood C.F. Given by Mrs Wood, 1921. Letter from Balfour relates to Donations, vol III, p 38 on. References are page numbers of C.F. Wood, Yachting Cruise in the South Seas, 1875. - Photographic Plates (negative and positives) Photographs & Stereoscopic slides from CF Wood coll Pres by Mrs Wood 1921
Related Documents File - See 1901.24 for Letter from Balfour to Wood dated 2 July 1901. [MOB 15/10/2001]
In the file for 1921.93: Correspondence from Edith Wood to Balfour; other miscellaneous correspondence pertaining to various parts of the collection; a handwritten booklet with the following written on the front: 'Folk-lore & "fairy tales" picked up by Ms. Wood.' [MOB 26/11/2001]

Research Notes

Research Notes - In his book A Yachting Cruise in the South Seas (1875), Smith writes that 'During the last eight years I have made several voyages amongst the South Sea Islands'. [CM 14/04/2011]