'Modern houses at Noatau'

Photographer: George Smith
Date of Photo: 18 April - 7 December 1873
Continent: Oceania
Geographical Area: Melanesia
Country: Fiji
Region/Place: Rotuma; Noa'tau
Format: Stereo Card
Size: 77 x 81 mm (left); 77 x 81 (right)
Acquisition: Edith Lucy Wake Wood - Donated 1921


View of whitewashed houses at Noa'tau on the island of Rotuma, captioned 'Modern Houses at Noatau, Rotumah' (printed caption).

Primary documentation

23 of the 148 stereo photographs from the Wood collection will match [1901.24.37 - 1901.24.59] :
Accession Book III 39 Entry - ‘C.F. WOOD Esq. 4 Terlingham Gardens, Folkestone. July. Specimens collected by himself during a yachting cruise in the S. Pacific in 1873 viz.:... 23 photographs (stereoscopic) of natives and scenes in the Caroline Ids, Solomons, Ellice Ids. [Tuvalu], Rotuma [Fiji], Futuna [Vanuatu]’
The remainder will match [1921.93.]
Accession Book Wood II 1 - 175 Entry - Wood C.F. Given by Mrs Wood, 1921. Letter from Balfour relates to Donations, vol III, p 38 on. References are page numbers of C.F. Wood, Yachting Cruise in the South Seas, 1875. - Photographic Plates (negative and positives) Photographs & Stereoscopic slides from CF Wood coll Pres by Mrs Wood 1921
Related Documents File - See 1901.24 for Letter from Balfour to Wood dated 2 July 1901. [MOB 15/10/2001]
In the file for 1921.93: Correspondence from Edith Wood to Balfour; other miscellaneous correspondence pertaining to various parts of the collection; a handwritten booklet with the following written on the front: 'Folk-lore & "fairy tales" picked up by Ms. Wood.' [MOB 26/11/2001]