Pitt Rivers Museum, looking east across the Court

Photographer: Alfred Robinson
Date of Photo: Circa 1901
Continent: Europe
Geographical Area: Northern Europe
Country: United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Region/Place: England; Oxfordshire; Oxford; Pitt Rivers Museum
Format: Print Black & White Mounted
Size: 156 x 208 mm


Interior view of the Pitt Rivers Museum, looking towards the east end of the Court.

Publications history

Research Publication - This print has been published in Chris Gosden, Frances Larson and Alison Petch, Knowing Things: Exploring the Collections at the Pitt Rivers Museum, 1884-1945 (Oxford, 2007), p.2: 'Interior of the Pitt Rivers Museum, c.1901'. [PG 04/02/2008]

Research Publication - This print has been published in Philip Grover, Renzu ga toraeta: Oxford Daigaku shozo: Bakumatsu Meiji no Nihon [Captured by the Lens (series title): Owned by Oxford University: Japan in the Bakumatsu and Meiji Eras] (Tokyo: Yamakawa Shuppansha, 2017), p.5: 'View of the interior of the Pitt Rivers Museum, looking towards the east end of the Court. Photograph by Alfred Robinson. Oxford, Oxfordshire, England. Circa 1901. Mounted print, 15.6 x 20.8 cm (size of print); 24.7 x 31.1 cm (dimensions of mount).' (Caption as supplied to publisher, subsequently translated into Japanese.) [PG 23/06/2017]

Research publication - This print has been published in Michelle Horwood, Sharing Authority in the Museum: Distributed Objects, Reassembled Relationships (Abingdon, Oxon.: Routledge, 2019), p.32, figure 1.10: 'Pitt Rivers Museum, c. 1901.' [PG 17/01/2019]

Research Notes

Research Notes - It has been established that this photograph was taken shortly after the installation of the Haida totem pole (Star House Pole) in the Pitt Rivers Museum in 1901. The exact date of the totem pole being put up in the Museum is not known, but one can deduce that it was in position by the time Professor Edward Burnett Tylor gave a lecture on 'Totems and Totemism' on 22 November 1901, as reported in the Oxford Magazine, 20 (27 November 1901), pp.108-109. Another photograph of the totem pole, which was presumably taken around the same time as this, was reproduced in Tylor's article on the pole, published shortly afterwards in the journal Man: E. B. Tylor, 'Note on the Haida Totem-Post Lately Erected in the Pitt Rivers Museum', Man: A Monthly Record of Anthropological Science, 2 (1902), pp.1-3. [Philip Grover 06/06/2014]