Rotuman man and child

Photographer: Thomas Graham Balfour
Date of Photo: Circa 1890
Continent: Oceania
Geographical Area: Melanesia
Country: Fiji
Region/Place: Rotuma
Format: Print Black & White Mounted
Size: 146 x 107 mm
Acquisition: Thomas Graham Balfour - Donated 1895


Portrait of a Rotuman (Fijian) man, sitting, leaning against a tree, holding a young child on his lap.

Primary documentation

The following accession book entries cover all the photographs given by Thomas Graham Balfour from Oceania, the entries cover a total of over 105 photographs (111 matched so far, the total recorded in the accession books is unknown because one entry is unquantified)

For 1894.1.1 - 1894.1.3
Accession Book II 1 Entry - Jan. Graham Balfour Esq 3 photos of Samoans
Additional Accession Book Entry - V.S. [in red]

For 1894.38.1 - 1894.38.28
Accession Book II 24 Entry - Sept 25 GRAHAM BALFOUR Esq Vailima, Samoa 28 photographs of natives etc, chiefly Samoan

For 1895.28.1 .1 - ? [unquantified entry]
Accession Book II 46 Entry - July GRAHAM BALFOUR Esq New University Club. - number of photographs, S. Pacific.
Card Catalogue Entry - II.46 SOUTH PACIFIC. A number of photographs. d.d. Graham Balfour, 1895. [JD 14/10/2005]

For 1897.2.2 - 1897.2.44:
Accession Book Entry - Jan. Graham Balfour 43 photos of natives etc. (Gilbert Ids etc)

For 1897.63.1 - 1897.63.30
Accession Book Purchases B I 78 Entry - 1897. Jan. 3. G. BALFOUR for Andrews photographers - 30 photographs of Samoans, Fijians, etc. 2.2.0.
Additional Accession Book Entry - P. R. F.