Nuer dug-out canoes

Photographer: John M. Lee
Date of Photo: 1920 - 1928
Continent: Africa
Geographical Area: East Africa
Country: South Sudan
Region/Place: Upper Nile; Nasir
Cultural Group: Nuer
Format: Print black & white
Size: 127 x 80 mm
Acquisition: Mrs Lee via Margaret S.G. Mcleod - Donated 1959


Two Nuer dug-out canoes on a river, with three men in each, one paddling and two passengers.

Research Notes

Only one location is identified in Lee's southern Sudan photographs, on the reverse of 1998.204.11.1 which notes: 'The frail craft I used to cross a khor (river) between Nasser and Gargwang, in December. This khor is now practically dry.' [CM 2/8/2005]

Biographical Information - John M. Lee was an administrator with the Sudan Political Service. According to C.A. Willis, et al, The Upper Nile Province Handbook, edited by Douglas H. Johnson (Oxford: Oxford University Press for the British Academy, 1995), his career notes are: "Lee, John M., mbe (b.1889): transferred from EA to Sudan government service 1919; Sudan civil administration 1919-29; ADC UNP (Longtam, Sobat, Nasir) 1920-9; DC (Nasir) 1929; invalided 1929; Nuer ox-names Carbiel, Wadh Bilieth" [CM 24/06/2014]