Photographer: Louis Sarno
Date of Photo: 1987
Continent: Africa
Geographical Area: Central Africa
Country: Central African Republic
Region/Place: Mongengé
Cultural Group: Aka
Format: Film Negative 35 mm
Size: 35 mm
Acquisition: Donated 1997 April 18


Ejengi spirit dance at Mongengé villag. Ejengi is dressed in raffia [seen in 1997.21.3.4] and is spinning round towards the centre of the frame. A group of eleven men form a loose circle around the spirit and one man is approaching the spirit with sticks, while behind him another man approaches carrying an upright stick with a palm leaf attached to the top. The men guide and control ejengi with sticks and other material. The man second from the left wearing a white shirt is Aketé, whose voice can be heard on recordings 1997.21.2.1 and 1997.21.2.2. Images 1997.21.3.4 to 1997.21.3.26 are all taken in Mongengé village and most depict aspects of an ejengi ceremony.