Drawing of a Saami cradle

Photographer: Arthur John Evans (artist)
Date of Photo: 11 September 1873
Continent: Europe
Geographical Area: Northern Europe
Country: Finland
Region/Place: Lapland; Armonjarvi
Cultural Group: European Saami
Format: Drawing
Size: 74 x 102 mm
Acquisition: Joan Evans - Donated August 1941


Drawing in pencil by Arthur Evans of a Saami child being rocked in a cradle.

Research Notes

Research Notes - It has been established by Philip Grover that this drawing was made by Arthur Evans on 11 September 1873, when his travelling party was at Armonjarvi. Evans wrote in his journal of the voyage to Finnish Lapland: 'Half a dozen versts [Russian unit of distance] brought us to a Nybyggare Lapp hut, where we were glad to get some hot milk - There was little distinctively Lapp about the place, except the cradle which was the true Lapp "Kätkem"' (entry dated 11 September 1873): Ashmolean Museum of Art and Archaeology, Sir Arthur Evans Archive, B/2/1, Box 1, Notebook 2, p.118. [PG 28/05/2013]

Research Notes - For more information on Arthur Evans' voyage to Finnish Lapland in 1873, see Joan Evans, Time and Chance: The Story of Arthur Evans and His Forebears (London, 1943), pp.172-176; Ann Brown, Before Knossos...: Arthur Evans's Travels in the Balkans and Crete (Oxford, 1993), pp.14-16, 90; and Tony Lurcock, No Particular Hurry: British Travellers in Finland, 1830-1917 (London, 2013), pp.123-134, 250. A selection of drawings and photographs made by Arthur Evans during the voyage was displayed in 'Travels in Finland and Bosnia-Herzegovina: An Ethnographic Collection of Sir Arthur Evans', exhibition [Archive Case display] curated by Philip Grover, Pitt Rivers Museum, University of Oxford, 29 April to 1 September 2013 (see Related Documents File). [PG 06/06/2013]