Saami child

Photographer: Jørgen Wickstrøm studio (Tromsø, Norway), labelled 'J. Wickstrøm'
Date of Photo: Circa 1870s
Continent: Europe
Geographical Area: Northern Europe
Country: Norway
Region/Place: Troms; Tromsø
Cultural Group: European Saami
Format: Carte de Visite
Size: 92 x 54 mm
Acquisition: Joan Evans - Donated August 1941


Studio portrait of a Saami child, standing, wearing a distinctive hat.

Publications history

Research publication - This carte de visite has been published in Elizabeth Edwards, 'Evolving Images: Photography, Race and Popular Darwinism', in Diana Donald and Jane Munro (eds.), Endless Forms: Charles Darwin, Natural Science and the Visual Arts (Cambridge and New Haven, 2009), p.170, figure 176.2: 'J. Wickstrøm (Tromsø, Norway), Saami child wearing winter clothing, 1870s. Pitt Rivers Museum, University of Oxford. (C.148)'; also listed on p.325 of the 'Checklist of Exhibits' as catalogue number 148. [PG 24/01/2013]

Research Notes

Research Notes - This carte de visite has been identified as a photograph by Jørgen Wickstrøm, taken from the printed information on the reverse. Wickstrøm's studio is described as being located in Tromsø. [PG 18/02/2013]