Saami woman

Photographer: Marcus Selmer studio (Bergen, Norway), labelled 'M. Selmer'
Date of Photo: Circa 1873
Continent: Europe
Geographical Area: Northern Europe
Country: Norway
Region/Place: Bergen
Cultural Group: European Saami
Format: Carte de Visite
Size: 88 x 58 mm
Acquisition: Joan Evans - Donated August 1941


Studio portrait of a Saami woman, identified as a wife (or married woman), standing, wearing a distinctive hat (ládjogahpir), described on the printed caption as being from Karasjok in Finnmark, Norway.

Research Notes

Research Notes - This carte de visite has been identified as a photograph by Marcus Selmer, taken from the printed information on the reverse. [PG 18/02/2013]

Research Notes - Marcus Selmer (1819-1900) was a Danish pharmacist who came to Bergen in 1852 and established a portrait studio there, specialising in photographing people in local costume: http://www.nb.no/pm/fotograf.php?fotograf_id=2521&navn=&m_saml=.. and http://www.preusmuseum.no/foto_echo.html (accessed 18 February 2013). For more details on Marcus Selmer, see Hanne Holm-Johnsen, 'Norway', in John Hannavy (ed.), Encyclopedia of Nineteenth-Century Photography (2 volumes, New York, 2008), p.1009. [PG 18/02/2013]

Research Notes - For another version of this photograph, dated 1873, see http://www.digitaltmuseum.no/things/122-finnekone-fra-karasjok-i-finmarken/NF/NF.11770-007 (accessed 18 February 2013). [PG 18/02/2013]